The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Graduate Profiles

Find out what some of our graduates have gone on to do, from veterinary practice to academia and government positions around the world.

Catherine Daniel: Canada – Class of 2016

Banner Canada Catherine Daniel
Associate Veterinarian at a rural Mixed Practice in Ontario

Stacy Eastman: USA – Class of 2015

Banner USA Stacy Eastman
Small Animal Associate Veterinarian

Chad Maki: USA - Class of 2013

Chad maki
Chief Medical Officer at VetCell Therapeutics

Stephanie Timmons: UK – Class of 2013

Stephanie Timmons
Principal Veterinary Surgeon at VetsNow

Cara Latega: Canada – Class of 2012

Banner Canada Cara
Senior Associate Veterinarian

Tanya Masters: Hong Kong – Class of 2012

Tanya Masters
Veterinary Surgeon at Hong Kong SPCA

Erica Campbell: UK - Class of 2012

Erica Campbell
Veterinarian at Rutland House Veterinary Hospital

Craig Breheny: UK – Class of 2011

Craig Breheny
Senior Veterinary Clinician, R(D)SVS.

Andrea Saksek: USA – Class of 2009

Andrea Saksek
Find out what some of our recent graduates have gone on to do.

Andy Hopker: UK - Class of 2003

Andy Hopker
Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice, R(D)SVS

Paik Koh: Malaysia - Class of 2003

paik Koh
Veterinarian at Vets4Pets.

Audrey Cook: USA - Class of 1989

Audrey Cook - USA
Associate Professor at Texas A&M University