The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Widening Access Requirements

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies is committed to widening access and welcomes applications from students with diverse backgrounds.

Entry requirements and Covid-19 - updated 3 September 2020

We understand that your exams may have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. If you receive a final assessed grade based on your overall performance but subsequently choose to sit your final exams in person, this will not count as a resit. We will therefore consider your predicted or achieved exam results when reviewing your application.

If you are unhappy with your assessed grades, you should contact your exam centre (normally your secondary school or college) as soon as possible as they may be able to make a formal appeal to the exam board to review your grades. We cannot appeal on your behalf.  

2020 entry offer holders

If you are unhappy with your assessed grades and appeal the result, the appeal decision must be received by 7th September 2020. If the appeal decision is received after this, your offer will be deferred to 2021. Where we can we will make a positive decision and confirm places when applicants have met their condition but there may be physical, or placement, capacity issues and we may need to defer your place until 2021 entry. Alteratively, if you elect to sit the final exam, we will honour your Conditional offer for 2021 entry based on predicated grades. You will need to submit a new application through UCAS by 15th October 2020 and you will receive a new Conditional offer without going through the assessment and interview stage. 

SQA results advice

A Level results advice

Fee status

Fee status assessment may be impacted by changes to tuition fee regulations for 2021 entry. EU nationals without settled status in the UK are unlikely to retain their “home” tuition fee status in 2021. Fee status for Irish nationals is still to be determined but will benefit from the Common Travel Area agreement.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Candidates assigned with a PLUS FLAG (previously Context Plus) are guaranteed to be made an offer provided they achieve or are predicted to achieve the academic minimum entry requirements, are able to demonstrate an understanding of the profession in their application and perform satisfactorily at interview. Please see the academic minimum entry requirements detailed in the table below. Further details on our interview process can be found here: BVM&S Interview
  • Candidates assigned with a FLAG (previously Context) will be considered for an offer at the standard requirement, but will receive additional consideration during the selection process

You can find further information on the University’s Widening Access policy, and use our Widening Access - Online Checker to see if you meet the criteria for being either FLAG PLUS or FLAG here:

Widening Access - Online Checker

Scottish Higher and Advanced Highers

AAAAB by the end of S5 including Chemistry (A) and Biology (A) and either Maths of Physics

AAAAB to include Chemistry and two of Biology, Maths, Physics by the end of S5

AAAAC to include A grades in Chemistry and two of Biology, Maths or Physics. Grade C in non-science subject by the end of S5

AAABB to include Chemistry (A) and Biology (A) and B in either Maths or Physics by the end of S5
AABBB to include Chemistry (A) and Biology (A) and B in either Maths or Physics by the end of S5
Advanced Highers in Chemistry and one other science subject - BB grades
If Biology has not been studied in S5, it must be taken in S6 to Higher Level
A levels AAA in one sitting to include Chemistry and Biology and one other University-approved subject AAB in one sitting to include Chemistry (A) and Biology (A) and one other University-approved subject
IB 666 HL in Chemistry, Biology and one other subject. A minimum of 38 points overall 665 HL in Chemistry (6), Biology (6) and one other subject. A minimum of 36 points overall


  • If Physics is not taken at Higher Level, then competency in this subject must be demonstrated at a National 5, GCSE or equivalent. Candidates should contact the Admissions Office directly for advice.
  • We assess and score each application individually by two criteria. We give equal weight to both academic results (achieved or predicted) and non-academic qualities. We place applications in rank order and call approximately 400 candidates for interview each year. We then make offers to the candidates who have achieved the highest assessment at interview. Information on non-academic requirements is available here: 
  • All subjects to be achieved at the first attempt and in one set of exams.

Access Edinburgh Scholarships

The University offers an unlimited number of scholarships to students from across the UK. This is cash to help eligible candidates study, worth up to £5,000 for every year of your degree. 

Access Edinburgh Scholarship