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BVM&S Interviews

BVM&S Interview information and dates

Interview Arrangements for 2024 Entry

Interviews for 2024 entry will take place in person.

The aim of the BVM&S Interview is to select candidates with the best combination of academic ability and aptitude for veterinary medical training.

The Interview will start with a welcome talk and an opportunity to ask questions, followed by a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI).

Interviews hosted at our Easter Bush Campus will include a campus tour.

Multiple Mini Interview Format

The MMI will consist of seven 10 minute stations.

Five of these stations will have an interviewer:

  • Work Experience
  • Career Exploration and Awareness of being a Professional
  • Awareness of Animal Welfare
  • Data Interpretation
  • Moral/Ethical Dilemma

Each candidate will be individually interviewed at these stations. 

The remaining two stations are unstaffed:

  • Practical Task
  • Numeracy Task (Use of calculators is not permitted)

Assessment, Decisions & Feedback


Each interviewer assesses candidates independently. The evaluations from all stations are considered and offers made on the overall assessment of each candidate in comparison with the performance of other candidates.


We aim to make decisions on offers by 31 March 2024. 


The School is willing to offer feedback to candidates on the outcome of their Assessment Day. Please note however, that whilst candidates will be aware of their own performance, they will have no insight into the performance of the others against whom they are competing.