Graduate Profiles

Find out what some of our graduates have gone on to do, from veterinary practice to academia and government positions around the world.

Catherine Daniel: Canada – Class of 2016

Banner Canada Catherine Daniel
Associate Veterinarian at a rural Mixed Practice in Ontario

Stacy Eastman: USA – Class of 2015

Banner USA Stacy Eastman
Small Animal Associate Veterinarian

Chad Maki: USA - Class of 2013

Chad maki
Chief Medical Officer at VetCell Therapeutics

Stephanie Timmons: UK – Class of 2013

Stephanie Timmons
Principal Veterinary Surgeon at VetsNow

Cara Latega: Canada – Class of 2012

Banner Canada Cara
Senior Associate Veterinarian

Tanya Masters: Hong Kong – Class of 2012

Tanya Masters
Veterinary Surgeon at Hong Kong SPCA

Erica Campbell: UK - Class of 2012

Erica Campbell
Veterinarian at Rutland House Veterinary Hospital

Craig Breheny: UK – Class of 2011

Craig Breheny
Senior Veterinary Clinician, R(D)SVS.

Andrea Saksek: USA – Class of 2009

Andrea Saksek
Find out what some of our recent graduates have gone on to do.

Andy Hopker: UK - Class of 2003

Andy Hopker
Lecturer in Farm Animal Practice, R(D)SVS

Paik Koh: Malaysia - Class of 2003

paik Koh
Veterinarian at Vets4Pets.

Audrey Cook: USA - Class of 1989

Audrey Cook - USA
Associate Professor at Texas A&M University