The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies Bicentenary

Synoptic assessment

At present, Edinburgh is offering a synoptic assessment for Production Animal Practice and Zoological Medicine.

Other synoptic assessments may be offered in the future.

Production Animal Practice Synoptic Assessment

A synoptic assessment in production animal practice specialising in either sheep or cattle health and prodution is offered annually at the University of Edinburgh.

Zoological Medicine Synoptic Assessment

A zoological medicine synoptic assessment is offered annually at the University of Edinburgh.

Synoptic assessment conditions

Designated certificates can only be awarded by the RCVS after passing a synoptic assessment.

Details on applying for other synoptic assessments are provided on the RCVS website. You can apply once you have successfully passed all the modules for your designated certificate.

Please note: the cost for the synoptic assessment from August 2024 is £800. The fee listed is for one examination only. The resit fee is the same, there is no reduced resit fee. Fees are subject to annual revision and may increase every year.