Programme structure

The Certificate can be taken over 10 years, with each module taking between 1-2 years. It is possible to complete the full programme (60 credit equivalent) in one year, though this will depend on the assessment timetable for each module.

The programme is modular in structure, offering a flexible student-centred approach to the choice of modules studied. You can choose to sit modules in any accredited institution in the UK.

There is now in place a 2-year time limit to complete a module. Please contact the programme team to discuss the best time to register to ensure the maximum number of submission opportunties specific to your chosen module.

CertAVP Structure

Modules are divided into three groups - A, B and C. You can sit the modules in any order. However, we strongly recommend you work through the modules in order, starting with the A module (Foundation Skills) and working through to the C modules (in-depth practice reflection). In this way, you will build on your current writing and research skills as you progress through the modules.

You can take any combination of B and C modules, although certain combinations are required for designated certificates. It is also possible to be assessed on individual modules as part of ongoing CPD activities without working towards the full RCVS certificate.

Download the following diagram to show the value of the credits within each group.


To achieve the full CertAVP, candidates must pass the A-Foundations of Veterinary Practice module A-FAVP.1 (10 credits) and at least one B module (10 credits), together with either four C modules or a combination of B and C modules (40 credits).

Upon completion of all the necessary modules, a further synoptic oral assessment will also be required for anyone wishing to achieve a designated certificate.

Assessment only

Note that all modules are self-study (assessment only) which includes guidance from the team and access to an online support environment. If you wish to undertake taught courses for your certificate, please contact us about the Masters in Veterinary Science in Advanced Clinical Practice.