Designated certificates

A designated certificate is a specific modular route leading to a named qualification.

Candidates who wish to work towards one of these qualifications must pass the A module and at least one B module. Candidates must then choose the remaining modules from a specific range of options relevant to the subject area.

The module combination rules for each of the designated certificates are provided below. These lay out the range of options available for candidates wishing to obtain a particular designated CertAVP.

Zoological Medicine

Production Animal Practice


Production Animal Practice - Cattle Health and Production


Production Animal Practice - Sheep Health and Production

Small Animal Practice

Small Animal Surgery

Laboratory Animal Science

Veterinary Cardiology

Synoptic assessment

Candidates who are undertaking one of the designated certificates must take a final synoptic assessment once all the required modules have been passed. In most cases this will take the form of an oral and/or practical examination.