Research Methods in Equine Science

Scientific Methodology begins with a focus on foundation concepts, which must be understood and appreciated by professional scientists.


Teaching horses from behind

20 credits.

Course leader

Dr Ian Handel

Short description of course

Emphasis is placed on the concept of scientific investigation including the importance of collecting data of the highest possible

quality. Once collected data must be analysed efficiently using appropriate statistical methods and the principles of statistical methods are presented.

Once analysed data must be written up and the skills and methods required for this are included in the course. This foundation work is then built upon through a discussion of more complex statistical methods, including epidemiological concepts and the introduction of survey and interview techniques the module prepares participants for actual research work in the field.

An opportunity is given to ‘bring everything together’ in the presentation of project material and the evaluation of published papers. At the end of the module participants should feel confident about undertaking their MSc projects.

Learning outcomes

  1. An understanding of scientific and statistical concepts.
  2. Ability to design, plan, analyse (using Minitab) and write-up simple experiments.
  3. Ability to apply scientific and statistical methods in actual research projects.
  4. Be able to discuss statistical issues with a statistician.