Equine Reproduction

In this course the students will learn about the anatomy of the reproductive tract in the mare and stallion in relation to natural breeding and assisted reproductive technologies.



20 credits.

Course leader

Dr Mina Davies-Morel

Short description of course

  • Anatomical problems will be discussed in relation to fertility problems.
  • Reproductive endocrinology in the mare and stallion will be covered in the subfertile/infertile animal, and in relation to abnormal sexual behaviour.
  • Fertility problems, foaling difficulties and how to investigate and correct them will be discussed in detail.
  • The theory and practice behind ultrasonography, artificial insemination, semen collection and evaluation, and embryo transfer.
  • The course will also include problem solving with real case scenarios.

Learning outcomes

For details about the course, including the learning outcomes, you can visit the  Degree Regulations & Programmes of Study page.


This course is part of the MSc in Equine Science online programme, however you can also study the Equine Reproduction course only, as part of your postgraduate professional development.  To apply via the Postgraduate Professional Development route, visit the Equine Science (Online Learning) page.