Equine Orthopaedics

This course will present an in-depth analysis of selected topics that affect the British sports horse industry.


20 credits.

Course Leader

Dr Richard Reardon

Short description of course

The anatomy, physiology and athletic adaptation of the equine musculoskeletal system will be considered with emphasis on the possible applications of recent research into disease, injury management and prevention.

A critical aspect will be that students learn how to logically evaluate presented data and assess its value, mainly in the form of reviewing set publications on these topics.

The lectures and presentations will be augmented by discussion sessions.

Learning outcomes

Equine orthopaedics
  1. Explain the anatomical and physiological adaptations of the equine musculoskeletal system that facilitate athletic activity.
  2. Recognize the potential deleterious effects of exercise on musculoskeletal tissues.
  3. Describe common disorders affecting the equine musculoskeletal system and their implications for equine athleticism and performance.
  4. Demonstrate ability to assess and critique evidence presented in the form of scientific publications and be able to formulate a scientific approach to problem-solving in the equine orthopaedic field.
  5. Describe current rehabilitation and therapeutic strategies for the management of equine musculoskeletal pathologies.