Programme Courses

Each year will consist of three 11-week terms structured into 2 blocks of 5 weeks of study with a week in between for independent study and reflection.

Each 5 week-block equates to 10 credits. The structure is designed to be studied part-time, giving you time to reflect on your learning.

This timetable is consistent with other programmes within the Global Health Academy, to enable sharing of courses across related programmes.

Year 1: Courses for the Certificate

In Year 1, you will take three core courses of 20 credits each.

Course Credits
Introduction to Conservation Medicine 20 credits – core
Eco-system health and species conservation 20 credits – core
Applied epidemiology, surveillance and risk assessment 20 credits – core

Year 2: Courses for the Diploma

In Year 2, you need to take both the two core modules below (a total of 20 credits).

Course Credits
Veterinary techniques and interventions for conservation medicine 10 credits - core
Wildlife disease management 10 credits - core

You also need to choose courses from the following elective modules up to a total of 40 credits. All courses are 10 credit courses except for the 'Captive and Free-Ranging Wild Animal Welfare' and 'Interventions in Wild Animal Health' courses which are 20 credit courses.

Course Credits
Ex situ wildlife management 10 credits
Communication, public engagement and conservation 10 credits
Conservation Genetics 10 credits
Introduction to GIS and spatial analysis 10 credits
Invasive non-native species 10 credits
Surveillance and control of transboundary diseases affecting International trade 10 credits
Technology advances in veterinary diagnostics 10 credits
The use of artificial reproduction technology (ARTs) in threatened species 10 credits
The modern zoo 10 credits
Captive and Free-Ranging Wild Animal Welfare 20 credits
Wildlife crime and forensic investigation 10 credits
Zoonotic diseases 10 credits
Interventions in Wild Animal Health

20 credits

Managing and Leading Conservation Projects

10 credits
Wildlife Disease Ecology in Livestock Ecosystems 10 credits

Year 3: Written reflective element

Written reflective element                                                                                                            60 credits



Please note that although all courses are offered, we cannot guarantee that all courses will be available to all students, each year.