The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

Dissertation element

On the successful completion of 120 credits (60 of which must come from the core courses), you may exit with a PG Diploma or continue to the MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour.

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In order to progress to the final level to attain the Masters (dissertation element), students have to:

  • Pass at least 80 credits of coursework with a mark of at least 50 % in each of the three core courses which make up these credits and no mark <40% for any course
  • Minimum average mark of 50% for the 120 credits

Please note there are no re-sit examinations at Master’s level at the University of Edinburgh.

During the dissertation element of the MSc programme, you will have the opportunity to further develop your scientific skills and utilise scientific theory, in a less structured environment.

The Dissertation is a written assignment of 10-15,000 words. This will allow you to analyse and present relevant research data that you have already collected during the course of your own work.

Alternatively, you may wish to undertake a desk study to explore and develop a theme of relevance to your current working environment, or in an area of interest that has arisen during your period of study on the MSc.

This feature will require a high level of commitment and application from you and provides a valuable exercise in the writing and presentation of information to a standard that engages appropriately with academic conventions in relation to style, tone, structuring and referencing.

Supervision for this element of the MSc will be provided by existing research staff and subject experts employed by the University of Edinburgh and partner institutions.