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This new online MSc is the first and only online programme in Clinical Animal Behaviour to be validated by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) accreditation committee.


Why Clinical Animal Behaviour?

The study of the application of behaviour for dealing with animal behaviour problems is an area of increasing interest in applied ethology and veterinary medicine. Referred to as clinical animal behaviour, the subject involves an evidence based approach for treating and managing a wide variety of abnormal and/or problem behaviours performed by captive domestic animals. The subject involves a multidisciplinary approach drawing on knowledge and techniques from the fields of psychology, ethology, neurobiology, pharmacology and veterinary science. This programme will contain teaching and learning that is aimed at the academic preparation of students for a professional career in the management of animal behaviour in a variety of settings, including clinical animal behaviour counselling.

Why the University of Edinburgh?

Our MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour has been formally validated by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB) Accreditation Committee as delivering the academic elements necessary for an individual to achieve ASAB certification as a clinical animal behaviourist.

The University of Edinburgh has a long-standing reputation for the delivery of gold standard research led teaching and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies has extensive staff expertise in animal health, behaviour and welfare, which has been strengthened further by the presence of an integrated Animal Welfare Centre (the JMICAWE) and the partners within the Easter Bush Research Consortium.

Global Health Academy

This programme is affiliated with the University's Global Health Academy.

Global Health Academy

Why study Clinical Animal Behaviour online?

The University of Edinburgh’s RDSVS has a number of animal behaviour and welfare programmes. We have successfully run a campus-based taught MSc/Dip Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare for more than 25 years, to which an online International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law MSC/Dip taught degree was added in 2012. The new MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour will build on the experience we have with running successful international Masters programmes, to provide a fully flexible postgraduate programme designed to specifically address the demand for online Clinical Animal Behaviour teaching. This will allow students to study in their own time and space, in a fully supported learning environment

Typical student profiles

Students on our online programmes come from a variety of backgrounds including: veterinary science, zoology, biological science, pharmacology and animal/equine science. Students also come from various parts of the world, for example: UK and Ireland, Europe, USA and Canada, South Africa etc. Consequently, an additional strength of the programme is that you will learn from your peers as well as from the lecturers.

Virtual open days

Virtual drop-in sessions are available for prospective postgraduate online students. Please feel free to register for our next session