Education and consultation

Some of our former students now teach or work as consultants.

Alaina (2004-2005)

Alaina teaches an MSc course on (Domestic) Feline Behaviour and Treatment.

"The MSc was a very challenging course, but I absolutely loved it. The MSc provides a great foundation for any animal welfare or behaviour related careers, whether its farm, companion, lab or zoo animals! The course has allowed me to get into two different fields of animal science. My first job was an Education Officer for RZSS and the second as an online instructor for a Florida college."

Helle (1998-1999)

Heather plans course content for veterinary students.

Helle went on to so a PhD at Silsoe Research Institute and Bristol University, on a joint project with the University of Copenhagen. Prior to that worked with Pernille Fraas (one of our first students on the course in 1990) investigating the development of behaviour in chicks, and has done some work planning lectures and practical classes in animal behaviour for veterinary and animal science students

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