Commercial companies

Many of our graduates now work for commercial companies or have started their own business.

Oliver (2004-2005)

Oliver is currently working as an advisor on pet nutrition and general care for a pet food manufacturer.

"I found the MSc extremely interesting and enjoyed every minute of it not only because of the topics studied but because of the diverse group of people I met. I believe that the MSc secured me the position I have today".

Heather (2004-2005)

Heather is now running her own pet-sitting and dog counselling company in the USA.

"It was a truly fascinating educational experience. The programme was challenging, interesting and provided me with the means to go out and make the world a better place for all animals."

Shirley (1997-1998)

Shirley is now a pet behaviour counsellor, running her own business, the Animal Behaviour Consultancy.

The MSc led Shirley to a research project on the welfare of horses and ponies at markets and then a PhD on laboratory rabbit housing and welfare at the University. She then co-edited a distance learning course on Companion Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

Her qualifications also helped her become a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors.

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