Many of our graduates now work for animal welfare charities.

Hilary (2012-2013)

Hilary now works at World Animal Production.

“I have been at World Animal Protection (which used to be called WSPA) since January. I started volunteering in the Science team, but then got a full time job with Investigative Affairs, in the External Affairs, Research and Learning department. It's a really exciting and challenging role, where I gather and analyse evidence to help inform campaign plans and engage with external stakeholders”

Claire (2005-2006)

Claire now works at Care for the Wild International and specialises in the commercial exploitation of wildlife.

“The concept of ‘Animal Welfare Science’ was new for me, and I am glad that Edinburgh opened my eyes to it as it can be used as an effective tool for bettering the lives of animals kept on farms, in laboratories and zoos. After completing the courses, and particularly after carrying out a dissertation on bears in India, I really do feel more able to make informed and professional judgement on the well-being of animals.”

Paula (2005-2006)

Paula is the Coordinator for the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, a grassroots non-profit organization in Arizona.

"The MSc programme has provided me with the skills to convey the importance of animal welfare and behaviour based on sound science, which has proven time and time again to carry incredible weight with lead agencies and the general public. I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by fellow students with different ideologies on the issues that were presented to us."

Besides running the Grand Canyon Wofl Project, Paula is currently working to make legislative modifications to the current Mexican Gray Wolf Programme through the National Environmental Policy Act. The amended rule will determine the future of wolves in Arizona and New Mexico.

Laura (2005-2006)

Laura is now working for the Genesis Faraday Partnership, a Scottish initiative promoting collaboration between research and industry on animal genetics to help improve farm animal health and welfare.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It highlighted well the current issues related to animal welfare and the background knowledge needed."

Lauren (2005-2006)

Lauren now works at the Mountain View Breeding and Conservation Society in Canada.

She looks after Painted Dogs, a variety of small exotic cats as well as lemurs, birds (Andean condors, several types of cranes, hornbills, cockatoos), and the northern spotted owl. All of the animals are endangered and the centre works towards breeding and releasing animals back into the wild.

Laurence (2005-2006)

Laurence is now working for International Animal Rescue, opening their first office in the US.

"I loved it! I learned so much and it was an amazing experience. The classes opened my eyes to many issues I didn't even know about. I would never have gotten my job without this degree! It was great for networking as well."