The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies


The programme is delivered part-time by Online Learning, over a period of between three and six years.

Online learning

This MSc programme is modular in structure, offering a flexible student-centred approach to the choice of courses studied; other than the two core courses specified for the certificate, you may choose to study one or more individual courses listed below, to complete a sufficient number of course credits to be awarded the post-graduate (PG) Certificate (60 credits), the PG Diploma (120 credits) or the MSc (180 credits).

Flexible learning

You may undertake the programme by Intermittent Study (flexible progression route), accruing credits within a maximum time limit of six years for the MSc which will include a maximum period of 12 months from the start of their dissertation to it being completed. If you wish to study for the PG Diploma by intermittent study, the maximum time period for this is 4 years and for the PG Certificate only, the maximum time period is 2 years.

In summary, times for completion are as follows:

  • Master of Science: 36-72 months
  • Postgraduate Diploma: 24-48 months
  • Postgraduate Certificate: 12-24 months