Programme aims

The programme aims to develop your understanding of how scientific evidence can be applied to give insight and improve animal welfare standards worldwide while also enhancing your knowledge of scientific study and research.

Tiger behind bars

The main programme aims are to enable you to:

  • enhance knowledge and understanding of animal welfare, ethics and law so as to address welfare concerns from a global perspective – and develop awareness of the importance of the application of science-based evidence for advancing animal welfare
  • demonstrate and understand how scientific assessment of animal welfare can be applied in a range of practical situations
  • gain a thorough understanding of animal welfare that can be applied in veterinary practice, animal research, animal management and care, animal production, welfare inspection, welfare assessment and preparation of animal based legislation
  • demonstrate the skills and confidence to undertake ethical debate relating to animal welfare and animal use
  • be able to interpret and communicate scientific results and information in research and other forms of social debate