Dissertation projects

An overview of the wide variety of student dissertation projects.


Attitudes towards animal welfare in video games: Do positive interactions with animals in video games shape

Amy Scott

This project aims are 1) to identify how interactions with virtual animals in video games affects a person’s animal welfare views opinions and views, 2) to identify if seeing animals being mistreated in games and media normalise us and habituate us to animal cruelty; and if so then what responsibility does media and software developers have to identify the connection and adjust accordingly, 3) from the use of this study; further researchers will have existing results and peer reviewed literature to base their own research from and open this unresearched topic to a wider audience. By doing so, issues with how animals are used in games and media can be identified and addressed.

Ethical approval: HERC_183_17

Survey of U.S. research institutions for the re-homing of laboratory dogs

Ashley Rafferty

This project aims to 1) Identify the number of institutions that perform dog rehoming and the number of dogs this applies to  2) Gain insight into current perspectives and aspects of welfare by learning how dogs may be prepared for adoption  3) Learn the influential aspects for an institution electing to not rehome dogs.

Ethical approval: HERC_170_17

What are the concerns for Hong Kong veterinarians regarding the euthanasia of companion animals: An investigation of the decision making framework of clinical veterinarians

Anthony James

This project aims to investigate 1) Veterinarians and Humane Endings: When Is It the Right Time to Euthanize a Companion Animal? 2) Veterinarians’ role in clients’ decision-making regarding euthanasia of animal patients and 3) ‘What are the client-based factors that can affect the euthanasia dilemma for veterinarians?’

Ethical approval: HERC_162_17

Identification of welfare assessment for laboratory housed macaques

Melissa Truelove

This project aims to 1) Identify the valid measures used to assess the welfare of laboratory-housed macaques. 2) Identify the relative importance of these welfare measures. 3) Assess whether these measures are reliable and feasible for half-day on-site welfare audits.

Ethical approval: HERC_157_17

U.K. small animal veterinary surgeons' and veterinary nurses' perspectives and attitudes towards animal abuse cases

Paola Van dijk

This project aims to 1) Assess how UK small animal veterinary surgeons (SAVS) and small animal veterinary nurses (SAVN) perceive animal abuse cases,  2) Assess how UK SAVS and SAVN deal with animal abuse cases,  and 3) Assess if SAVS and SAVN perceive there is a potential link between some species, breed/size, age, animal names, sex, neutering status and colour.

Ethical approval: HERC_136_17

Understanding the perceptions of bear welfare and motivations of bear bile farmers: a study in Vietnam

Heidi Quine

This project aims to 1) analyse the challenges and opportunities for enacting and expanding recently ratified animal protection legislation in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam), 2) compare the perceptions of bear welfare held by current and former bear bile farmers in Vietnam, and 3) investigate potential motivators of bear bile farmers in Vietnam.

Ethical approval: HERC_129_17