Each year of the taught element will consist of three 11-week terms structured into 2 blocks of 5 weeks of study with a week in between for independent study and reflection.

This framework is designed to fit in with the part-time nature of the course, giving you time to reflect on your learning and lessening the impact of the additional requirements that studying will place on your working life.

Sheep transport

Year 1

Core courses

  • International animal welfare science (* Core – 20 credits)
  • Animal ethics, policy and law (* Core – 20 credits)

Years 1 - 5

Elective courses from this programme

  • Animal welfare in research, testing and education (20 credits)
  • Production animals welfare (20 credits)
  • Companion animal welfare (20 credits)
  • Captive and free range wild animal welfare (20 credits)
  • Clinical animal behaviour (20 credits)

Elective courses from selected programmes

  • Equine behaviour and welfare (20 credits)

Years 3 - 6

Dissertation element (must be written within a 12 month period)

Course availability

Although all courses are offered, we will not be able to guarantee that all courses will be available to all students, each year. This will be dependent upon numbers of students and availability of places on non-programme owned courses.