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Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems and Food Security

A course aimed at teachers who will be designing material on sustainable food systems and food security.

This CPD course is a new short course designed to introduce teachers to key dimensions of food security and food systems. Each topic is accompanied by activities which can be used in the classroom to begin to explore the complex issues of sustainable food production, environmental impacts of our food systems, and break down the dimensions of food security into concepts that you can reflect on as you shop for and cook food.

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Topic 1 - Introduction to Food Systems

Introduction you to the key stages of a food system, and what sustainably means in different stages of a food system.

Topic 2 - Food Security

The definition of food security and the different dimensions of food security from the perspective of an individual doing their house hold food shop.

Topic 3 - Introduction to sustainable development and food systems

Introduction to the key principles of sustainable development, some of the concepts that are part of sustainabilty, and how they apply in food systems.

Topic 4 - Environmental impacts of food systems

Exploring the key impacts on the environment from agricultural production and how environmental change impacts agricultural production.

Topic 5 - Social impacts of food systems

In this section we explore some social factors that can be impacted by agricultural production. We focus on workers rights but also touch on land ownership, gender and vulnerable communities.

Topic 6 - Food loss and waste

In this section we look at waste across the different stages of food systems and how this impacts sustainability.

Topic 7 - The future of sustainable food systems

In this section we explore what interventions might work, as well as some of the broad tools that can be used to make food systems sustainable.

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