Example Year 1 timetable

Our teaching philosophy is based on an optimum and unique blend of modern and traditional methods drawn from best practice and supported by our outstanding teaching facilities.

An average day is a mix of lectures and practicals.  Lectures cover all aspects of anatomy and are often illustrated with case examples to help understand how structure is related to function and how this is affected by disease or injury.  Practicals then follow on the same topic to put into practise the learning. 

Live animals feature in classes from year one.  Staff pets are used in clinical skills classes, teaching horses, cows and sheep live on campus and are used for practical handling classes, as we have an on-site exotic animal handling unit available for students.

We work hard to find the best ways to relate the connections between basic sciences and the clinical work of a veterinarian to inspire and motivate our students.

Here is an example of how a typical week looks:

Example of a 5 year timetable