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The Feline Service specialises in the medical diagnosis and treatment of cats, ensuring that they receive a high level of care. 

We are a team of Internal Medicine Specialists, residents and interns. We have state-of-the-art facilities and work closely with other services within the Hospital for Small Animals, so that each case can receive timely and appropriate treatment following diagnosis.

We are very happy to offer advice to referring vets on any medical cases that you might be managing. There may be a charge for this service.

Update on treatment of hyperthyroidism with radioiodine (i131) in cats:

Following a pause in our service due to issues with delivery of I131 we are delighted to be able to resume I131 treatment of hyperthyroid cats at the Hospital for Small Animals.

Referring Vets

If you have a cat with Hyperthyroidism you would like to refer for I131 therapy, please contact us through our reception. We are happy to assess cases at our hospital for suitability and then see the patient back for a separate treatment appointment. As previously, we are also happy for you to perform the pre-treatment assessment for suitability and send these details to us for appraisal. If there are no issues or concerns, we can book for a treatment appointment. We can send further details on the pre-treatment assessment once you contact us.

Owners of hyperthyroid cats

We cannot accept self-referrals to the Hospital for Small Animals. If your cat has hyperthyroidism and you are interested in radioactive iodine (I131) treatment, please contact your usual Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance and they can contact us.

Contact details

0131 650 7650

(Pet owners: please note that this mailbox is for referring vets only. We cannot comment on cases that we have not seen but are happy to talk to your vet.)

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