Hospital for Small Animals

Research and teaching

We may ask for your help in advancing our understanding of animal diseases and training the vets of the future.


Our veterinary surgeons are recognised national and international experts. In addition to providing specialist clinical services, they are carrying out research to advance our understanding of animal diseases, enabling us to further help our patients, other animals and even humans.

All of our studies have been ethically approved, following a very stringent process.

We may ask if you are willing for your pet to be part of a clinical study and we will

Vet and students examining a rabbit

explain to you what would be involved. It might be trying a new medicine or just using some blood left over when we carry out a blood test.

Please be assured that if you decline, we will fully respect your decision.


We are a teaching hospital and students are usually present at your referral consultation. They are also likely to assist with the care of your pet during any stay at the hospital.

You can be reassured that any treatment or procedure is supervised by our service clinicians.