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Weight Loss Clinic

A guide to weight loss clinics available to registered clients.

Importance of maintaining an ideal weight

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Precise measurements are taken to allow an accurate assessment of the patient's ideal weight

Obesity in pets is a serious health issue that can lead to illness and disease, can decrease wellbeing and shorten life by up to 2 years. We routinely provide advice about optimal weights for pets in our care so please do not be alarmed or offended if a member of our veterinary team has suggested that your pet is overweight. We really do have the best interests of your pet at heart and want to support you in optimising your pet’s health and wellbeing to keep your pet Fit For Life. Prevention is always better than cure, so at certain life stages or for specific breeds, there is a tendency for weight gain which, with a few nutritional changes, can be avoided.

Accurate assessment of body condition

Although we know it is important to keep your pet at a healthy weight, it can be challenging to calculate what this weight should be in breeds of differing sizes. With the use of our electronic scales and a specific measuring procedure, a computerised protocol can be used to calculate your individual pet’s ideal weight. In addition, a system of scoring your pet’s body condition based on body shape can be used by you to monitor changes to outwith the ideal score.

Bespoke nutrition advice

With the huge selection available to you on the pet food retail market, choosing the ideal food for your pet can be challenging. Making sense of the ingredient labels to ensure the product is correct for your individual pet is often a complex process. Your pet’s nutritional requirements will also continue to change during their life stages. Treats are an extremely important part of your bond with your pet, giving a reward for good behaviour will reinforce this during training. Many low quality pet treats and some human foods used as treats contain unhealthy levels of nutrients which can significantly contribute to calorie intake leading to weight gain.

Support to help your pet attain an ideal weight - healthy weight clinics

The success of any weight loss plan is dependent on your motivation for your pet so we endeavour to engage with you for regular revisit appointments to plot progress, examine your pet and make any adjustments to the plan. We are also keen to help you encourage any other members of family and friends who have a role in your pet’s daily care by inviting them along to your progress appointments. Some weight loss plans have to be more advanced and calorie restrictive and these will require our veterinary team to closely monitor your pet’s condition to ensure optimal health is maintained.