The Dermatology Service

Dermatology at the Dick Vet

Welcome to the Dermatology Clinic at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.

The Specialist Dermatology Service at The University of Edinburgh has a long history. It was initially based at Summerhall in Edinburgh and since 1999 has been at the Hospital for Small Animals at the Easter Bush Campus near Roslin.

The clinic is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all skin, hair, ear and nail diseases in dogs, cats, horses, farm and exotic animals. Being based in the Hospital for Small Animals allows us to offer comprehensive care using our state of the art facilities in collaboration, where appropriate, with other specialist services including Medicine, Neurology, Diagnostic Imaging, Anaesthesia, Surgery and Oncology. Horses and other species can also be seen in collaboration with the other hospitals at the Dick Vet.

We are committed to improving animal welfare through the highest standards of care in the diagnosis and management of all skin diseases. Our primary aim at all times is quality of life - we will work with you to ensure that your animals have a happy and fulfilling life.

As well as treating clinical cases, we have an ethical clinical research and education programme. This is important in furthering our understanding of skin diseases to improve animal care. Our research interests include the diagnosis, treatment and genetics of allergic skin diseases, bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance. We have also participated in a number of clinical trials that have led to new treatments for allergies and other skin diseases.