The Dermatology Service

Referral form

You can request or phoning or emailing us and sending us details of the case.

Please make initial contact using our dedicated line for referring vets, 0131 650 7651.

You can request a referral using our form or by sending a letter or fax on headed notepaper, signed by the relevant vet. We require this as soon as possible after your call and before the patient is seen.

Please note that any contact via e-mail must be made from an identifiable practice e-mail address.

An indicative price list is below.

Case details

To help us manage the case, we must receive full details of all tests and treatments administered, and the responses. We need the vet’s summary of the case, along with any background material, as printouts of case notes are rarely satisfactory and can be misleading.

You post email us this information with full details of the client’s name, referral service involved, and the appointment time  You can also fax the details to 0131 650 7652.

Vets should also be invited to email clinical images or other items to us at

In an emergency, the referral letter can be brought by the client, but we would prefer to receive it in advance.

Dealing with clients

We ask that you make first contact with us, rather than asking your client to contact us. This avoids any confusion about whether the event is a true referral or a client seeking a second opinion without having informed your practice.

Should your client wish to reschedule an appointment or ask for any information, they should call the main reception, on 0131 650 7650.