The Dermatology Service

How to refer and referral procedure

We want to make the referral process as quick and easy for you as possible.

If you would like to refer a case, please download a referral form from our website.

Referral form

and then email or fax (0131 650 7652) the completed form to our reception team at the Hospital for Small Animals. Our reception staff will then contact the owner directly to arrange the appointment. We have a flexible appointment system to accommodate the owners’ needs. Urgent cases can be seen at short notice, including the same day where necessary. Faxing or emailing or posting the clinical history to us is very much appreciated, as are any blood test results and biopsy reports. You can also email digital photos to us.

When will I hear back about a case?

We will fax or email a full referral letter on the same day that the animal is discharged. We can also send the letter in the post if you prefer. We will further contact you as soon as we have any results or feedback from a client. You can also phone (0131 650 7651) or email us if you have any concerns or queries about a case at any time.

Will I still be involved in managing a case?

We normally need to see cases every few weeks initially to confirm the diagnosis and/or stabilise treatment. We may ask you to administer some treatments and/or check the case during this period. Once a case is stable, we normally pass primary care back to you. We may, however, need to see some cases every 6-12 months so that we can continue to provide treatments such as allergen specific immunotherapy. We may also continue to see more complex cases, and can arrange prompt revisits for any animal that suddenly worsens.