Internal Medicine Service

New Interventional Radiology Suite

Last month saw the opening of a new specialist facility at the Hospital for Small Animals.

The Gladys Ogilvy-Shepherd Interventional Radiology Suite’ will provide a dedicated home for the recently established Interventional Radiology Service. Here, a team of specialist clinicians will use state-of-the-art, non- and minimally-invasive techniques to treat a variety of diseases and conditions in small animals.

One of the key pieces of equipment within the facility will be a Holmium: YAG laser which can be used to treat conditions such as bladder stones and certain other urinary tract abnormalities through a small scope inserted into the bladder. The Hospital for Small Animals will be one of only a couple of referral centres in the UK to offer the full spectrum of procedures.

By offering these types of procedure, we can treat several diseases in a less invasive manner, potentially improving recovery times and reducing hospital stays. We may also be able to help dogs and cats with severe diseases, which until now have had no other medical or surgical treatment options, such as those with certain types of cancer.

Tracy Hill Interventional Radiology team member

Staff from the Dick Vet were delighted to be joined by friend of the School Gladys Ogilvy-Shepherd for the official opening. Gladys’ wonderful support has been instrumental in allowing us to equip the facility and we were pleased to be able to pass on our thanks in person.

If you have a case you would like to discuss with our Interventional Radiology clinicians, please contact: