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Dick Vet Clinical Club 2015

We have an excellent line up of CPD this year at the Dick Vet Clinical Club, starting on Wednesday 4th February with Dr Richard Mellanby, Head of Small Animal Medicine at the Hospital for Small Animals.

Dr Mellanby, will present two lectures focussing on canine liver disorders. In the first lecture, he will present an overview of recent advances in the diagnosis and management of primary hepatopathies. In the second, he will discuss advances in the care of dogs with congenital portosystemic shunts.

The Clinical Club is free and a tasty buffet is provided.

Other talks coming up this year:

Wednesday 4th March

Nick Bommer - Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine

Update on renal disorders focusing on management of renal failure and proteinuria.

Wednesday 1st April

Jessica Lawrence - Head of the Riddell-Swan Veterinary Cancer Centre

Update on Canine Osteosarcoma: Focus on Treatments and Common Misconceptions

Wednesday 6th May

Nicki Reed - Head of the Feline Clinic

An update on treatment options for hyperthyroidism.

Wednesday 3rd June

Pauline Jamieson - Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine

Review of recent advances in the management of diabetic patients.

Wednesday 1st July

Tim Nuttall - Head of Dermatology

Ears and paws: new solutions for intractable problems.

Wednesday 5th August

Tobias Schwarz - Head of Diagnostic Imaging

How computed tomography can help in the diagnosis of urinary tract disorders.

Wednesday 2nd September

Dylan Clements - Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Orthopaedics

Fusion confusion - a quick guide to arthrodesis.

Wednesday 7th October

Sam Woods - Lecturer in Small Animal Surgery

Wound management - what’s new?

Wednesday 4th November

Yolanda Martinez-Pereira - Head of Cardiopulmonary Service and Geoff Culshaw - Senior Lecturer in Cardiopulmonary Medicine

Advances in cardiopulmonary diagnostics and patient care: a partnership between practice and the R(D)SVS.

Food and Networking Opportunities

A tasty buffet will be provided from 7pm and talks will begin at 7:30pm. All Clinical Club meetings will take place in Room G.01 of the Veterinary Teaching Building (beside the Hospital for Small Animals), on the Easter Bush Campus. For information on how to find us please visit -

How to find us

To help us with catering numbers, we’ve set up a very simple online booking system which you can complete in just a couple of clicks from our website. If it’s difficult to commit, then no problem, please feel free to come along on the night without booking.

To find out more information about the Clinical Club and this other speakers this year, or to book a ticket for any club later in the year, please visit

If you have any queries about the Medicine Service or the Dick Vet Clinical Club, please do not hesitate to contact Richard Mellanby, Head of the Medicine Service. He can be readily contacted on and would be delighted to discuss any aspect of his service with you.