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The Dick Vet Clinical Club

We would like to invite all practitioners to the Dick Vet Clinical Club seminars, which will take place on the first Wednesday evening of each month.

Delivering a lecture

The seminars will review recent advances in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of common small animal disorders. The CPD events have a relaxed and informal atmosphere and there will be plenty of time for discussions. We are always happy to discuss challenging and interesting cases at these sessions.

Details of upcoming Dick Vet Clinical Club seminars can be found listed below. We would be delighted if you or your colleagues would like to attend our CPD sessions.

Seminars for 2019

We're pleased to be able to announce our programme of lectures for 2019. 

All Clinical Club meetings will take place in the Veterinary Teaching Building (beside the Hospital for Small Animals), on the Easter Bush Campus.

To help with catering we would be grateful if you could please book a place in advance, but if it’s difficult to commit now then no problem, please feel free to come along on the night.


3rd July 2019

Spela Bavcar & Juan Carlos Serra - Lecturers in Oncology

Canine and Feline Mast Cell Tumours – from diagnosis to treatment

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7th August 2019

Magdalena Parys  - Lecturer in Oncology

An update on Oncology

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4th September 2019

Katia Maroni-Henry  - Head of Small Animal Neurology/Neurosurgery Service

Cerebrovascular disease

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2nd October 2019

Danielle Gunn-Moore  - Professor of Feline Medicine

Update on Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

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6th November 2019

Dylan Clements  - Senior Lecturer Small Animal Orthopaedics

Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy – is there evidence for efficacy?

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4th December 2019

Chiara Piccinelli  - Lectuter in Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Cytology of skin nodules 

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