Hospital for Small Animals

Developing novel diagnostic tests

We have a programme of work which aims to develop novel diagnostics tests to improve the early and accurate detection of diseases.

We have diagnostic test development programmes in the following technologies :

  1. Mass spectrometry : we are continuing to develop a wide range of endocrine tests using mass spectrometry based tests which can detect very low concentrations of metabolites in a wide range of sample types
  2. Whole genome diagnostic sequencing facility : we are developing new, faster and cheaper ways to diagnose genetic diseases in our patients
  3. microRNA : we are continuing to expand the range of microRNAs assays which can be used to diagnose diseases earlier and more accurately
  4. Immunology based diagnostics : we are using a wide range of tools including cell based assays, flow cytometry and cytokines arrays to allow us to assess the phenotype and function of the immune system more accurately

We welcome the support of our clients in these programmes of work and if you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask your vet for further details.