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REPAIR (Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Service)

The Royal (Dick) Edinburgh Physiotherapy Assessment & Intensive Rehabilitation (REPAIR) Centre optimises patient rehabilitation using physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rigorous evaluation of treatment response.

Our qualified veterinary physiotherapists assess patients by evaluating gait, pain, musculature and joint range of movement. 

We can further assess our patients by the use of:

  • pressure mats
  • Von Frey filaments
  • thermal sensitivity testing
  • goniometry (to take repeatable measures of the range of movement of particular joints)

On the basis of the referral and the assessment, we will develop a bespoke treatment plan.

This plan may include:

  • manual therapy
  • electrotherapy
  • therapeutic exercise
  • hydrotherapy
  • home exercise programme 

In order to:

  • facilitate movement
  • promote strength/balance
  • encourage muscle development 
  • maximise function

We work with colleagues across the Hospital for Small Animals to assist in the rehabilitation of patients in every service, as well as accepting external referrals.

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0131 650 7650

(Pet owners: please note that this mailbox is for referring vets only. We cannot comment on cases that we have not seen but are happy to talk to your vet.)

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