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Emergency and Critical Care Service

The Emergency and Critical Care Service is the front line of emergency care at the Hospital for Small Animals, working 24 hours a day to stabilise and treat critical patients.

Our team of Critical Care Specialists see cases which require immediate intervention, as well as offering consultations for referring vets on emergency cases. 

We have a dedicated, continually-staffed Intensive Care Unit which ensures we provide the highest level of care to patients with life-threatening conditions. This Unit includes advanced climate-controlled oxygen cages. We were the first veterinary hospital in the United Kingdom to provide High Flow Nasal Oxygen therapy for patients with higher oxygen requirements. 

Our extensive in-house laboratory facilities, imaging facilities and advanced haemodynamic monitoring capabilities, allow for a rapid diagnosis to be made and treatment to be implemented. Close collaboration with other services within the hospital ensures that each patient gets the best possible care at all times.

A member of our ECC team is always available to help referring vets by phone. We are happy to both provide phone advice to referring veterinarians and accept emergency referrals at any time of day 24/7. We ask for all referring vets to contact us prior to referral to ensure patient are stable prior to travel. 

Contact details

0131 650 7650

(Pet owners: please note that this mailbox is for referring vets only. We cannot comment on cases that we have not seen but are happy to talk to your vet.)

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