Hospital for Small Animals


Consultations take an hour or less and we need you to make some preparations.

A border collie with a green and blue cast on its front right leg, with its owner

We will collect a detailed history and carry out a physical examination of your pet. The appointment will last approximately 30 to 60 minutes depending on how complex the case is.

We will ask you to sign a written estimate of costs for the investigation and/or treatment of your pet.

Please arrive in good time as the clinics are often fully booked. If you are likely to be delayed, please contact us to advise us of your likely arrival time.

Be prepared for your pet to be admitted to the hospital for diagnostic investigation or treatment. Some patients may be discharged later the same day but many will remain with us for a few days for further investigation and procedures.




Our referral services can only accept your pet via an approach from your vet. It is not possible for you to directly approach our specialist services.


Please do not feed your pet after 9pm on the night before your appointment, though you can give water until 9am on the morning of the appointment. This does not apply to diabetic animals, very young puppies and kittens, or other patients where such restrictions could cause distress. Please contact us for advice if in doubt.

If your pet is currently on any medications, please bring these with you.

We request that you bring a fresh urine sample from your pet. If the referral is for a gastrointestinal disorder, we also request a fresh faecal sample. Please ask your own vet for a suitable container.

Additional care

If your pet has a complex problem or condition and needs the involvement of other services, our team can usually work together to provide the best possible outcome for your pet. We have specialists in a variety of medical and surgical disciplines.

If they cannot, as with some complex neurology cases, we may arrange referral to a separate specialist referral centre.


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