Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice


We provide gold standard care and hospital enclosures for our patients.

A young hoglet in our wildlife ward

If your pet requires to be hospitalised for medical therapy, diagnostic investigation or a procedure, they will stay in one of our dedicated in-patient wards.

We have four individually tailored wards:

  • Small Mammal Ward

  • Wildlife Ward

  • Reptile Ward

  • Avian Ward


Admitted in-patients have their own custom designed enclosure.  This allows our patients to feel as 'at home' as possible.  We also have a grass paddock to allow our herbivorous patients an area to graze and exercise outside.

Our patients are very varied and range from hamsters and rabbits, to geckos and iguanas, to budgerigars and eagles and we are well equipped to provide five star, luxury accomodation for all! 




  • REP-hospitalisation
    Left - Chickens enjoying some sunshine in one of our outdoor enclosures. Right - We try to make all creatures, great and small, feel at home.