Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice


We provide both a First Opinion Service for our local clients and a Referral Veterinary Service for Veterinary Surgeons requiring assistance with challenging cases.

When can you book a consultation?

REP guinea pig

Consultations are available Monday to Friday by appointment only.  Please phone our reception team to arrange this: 0131 650 7650

We also offer a 24 hour emergency, 'out-of-hours', service to provide urgent veterinary care, should your pet become unwell in the evenings or at a weekend.

How long does a consultation last?

If your pet hasn't been seen by us before, your first visit can take up to 40 minutes.  This allows our vets to discuss the best practices for diet, exercise, housing and healthcare, as well as performing a thorough clinical examination of your pet.  After your first visit, regular first opinion consultations have 20 minute time slots.  If you feel your pet's visit will take longer than this, please let our Reception Team know when you book your appointment.   Referral appointments, due to their often complex nature, can last for 40 minutes.  

How can I reduce the stress of a visit to the vets for my animal?


Please bring your pet to see us in a secure enclosure, where your pet can feel safe and relaxed.  If your pet has a companion, they can also come along to provide moral support for the journey. 

For small mammals and birds, we recommend providing food in their travel enclosure.  Hay can be used for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus - which gives them something to both eat and dig.  For birds, their cages should be covered with a sheet, to help reduce stress. 

If your pet is a reptile, we recommend popping a cosy hot water bottle (not too hot!) in their travel enclosure to stop them getting too cold on their way to and from their vet visit.