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We can help to advise on the best husbandry practices for the more unusual pets

For registered clients, our veterinary surgeons are happy to talk to owners and advise them on treatment and care of their pets.  We are, however, unable to advise you on treatment provided by another veterinary surgeon.

Our client base extends over a wide area and if you are over 40 minutes away, we do advise you to have a local veterinarian available for emergency treatment, should this be required.

If you are outside our catchment area we would advise you to speak to your veterinary surgeon who is welcome to contact us for assistance, or to arrange a referral appointment.

We are based at the Easter Bush Campus, two miles from Roslin.





Dick Vet Rabbit and Exotic Practice

  • Hospital for Small Animals
  • The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

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University of Edinburgh
Easter Bush Campus

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EH25 9RG

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Referring veterinarians- please complete this form if you would like advice from our Specialists.