Hospital for Small Animals

Better Treatments

We have a programme of work which discovers novel treatments that improve patient outcomes

Many diseases which we diagnose in our patients remain challenging to treat successfully. Even for the many diseases for which treatments are available, the therapies can have side-effects which significantly impact on patient quality of life. Consequently, many clinical researchers in the hospital are actively leading research programmes which aim to identify novel therapeutic targets and to turn these findings into transformative treatments for our patients. This programme is underpinned by our expertise in clinical trials which allows us to define the effectiveness of new treatments in an ethical and transparent manner.

Managing Diseases With Novel Diets

Dog with Vitamin d Deficiency
Using specialised diets to treat common diseases

Intestinal Disease in Dogs

Defining the best way to treat severe intestinal disease in dogs

Nasal Disease in Dogs

TS Scanner
Development of novel therapeutic regimes for nasal disease in dogs

Clinical Trials Programme

Molly dog
Would you like to see better treatment for pets in the future? With your help, we can make that happen…


Vet and dog receiving treatment at the REPAIR centre
The repair centre offers state-of-the-art physiotherapy to both hospitalised patients and out patients.

Microbiome Research

We have a research programme that aims to understand how bacteria in the intestines influences health.

Genetic determination of canine face shape

Pug head and skull
Dick Vet Researchers have discovered a new gene mutation associated with brachycephaly.

From gut to gut - is faecal microbiota transplantations (FMT) the answer?

Could faecal microbiota transplant help treat difficult cases of inflammatory bowel disease in dogs?

The role of IL34 in the pathogenesis of canine atopic dermatitis

Heading towards a new treatment for canine atopic dermatitis.