Hospital for Small Animals

Better Diagnostic Tests

We have a programme of work which develops novel diagnostic tests which more accurately diagnose important disease in a non-invasive manner

Many companion animal diseases are challenging to diagnosis. Consequently, there is a clear need to develop better diagnostic tests which can diagnose important diseases more accurately and less invasively. We have a long track record of developing new tests which improve the ability of vets across the world to diagnose diseases.

Improving Reliability of Diagnostic Tests

Developing approaches to improve test reliability

Monitoring health through GPS technologies

Dogs wearing GPS collars
Using new technologies to assess patient health

Vitamin D Animal Laboratory

Dog's head out of the window
The Hospital for Small Animals is a global leader in the area of vitamin D biology in dogs and cats.

Measuring Bone Density

CT image dog healthy skull
Assessing Bone Density in Companion Animals

mirVET Laboratory

We have developed a novel test to detect liver damage in dogs.

Novel Diagnostic Test Development

Dog licking it's nose
We offer all healthy dogs a free blood test at their annual vaccination check.

Investigating the genetic causes of diseases in cats

We have developed a biobank of feline DNA to help identify the genetic basis of common diseases of cats to help better manage or cure these diseases.