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Our Research

The Dick Vet is a very special place to bring your pet. Not only do our specialist vets provide your pet with the best possible clinical care but they are also part of our world-leading research community.

Whether you have been referred to us for specialist care by your own vet, or your pet is a patient of our General Practice, you probably already know that our vets are world-class experts in their fields. You probably also already know that we offer state-of the-art clinical treatment and cutting edge diagnostic services. But this is not the full story. What makes our vets extra special is their ability to care for your pet while working with other researchers to discover new or better treatments for all our pets. Our world-leading research allows us to improve the lifelong health and welfare of veterinary and human patients. Our vets work behind the scenes to advance treatment outcomes across the species we work particularly closely with our colleagues at The Roslin Institute and the Queen's Medical Research Institute (QMRI). Our key research themes are underpinned by our world leading expertise in veterinary genetics, immunology and epidemiology.   

How we can help our pets

vet and student with dog
This diverse programme of work supports research which explores the mechanisms and consequences of important veterinary diseases using our expertise in areas such as stem cell technologises, genetics and pathological and molecular phenotyping. 

How our pets can help us

This programme of work focuses on validating natural animal models, typically recruited from our large veterinary hospitals, as high quality models of human diseases.

Discovering better treatments and diagnostics for our pets

Lymphoma cells
A particular area of interest is in the development of species-specific monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Clinical Trials Programme

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Would you like to see better treatment for pets in the future? With your help, we can make that happen…