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Intense physiotherapy gets Beau back on her feet

French bulldog with slipped disc benefits from laser treatment and specialised therapy.

Beau, a three-year-old French bulldog, is making a remarkable recovery following a spinal injury.

three images of french bulldog in physiotherapy sessions

Beau was taken to her vet after she woke up one morning without the use of her hind limbs. The vet immediately referred her to the Neurology and Neurosurgery Service at our Hospital for Small Animals for assessment.

An MRI demonstrated that the cause of Beau’s incapacity was a slipped disc in her lower back, which had bruised her spinal cord.

Following her diagnosis, the team of veterinary physiotherapists at the Royal (Dick) Edinburgh Physiotherapy Assessment & Intensive Rehabilitation (REPAIR) Centre began Beau on an integrated programme of rehabilitation. Beau was initially hospitalised so that she could receive intensive physiotherapy involving massage, stretching, balance challenges and therapeutic Class IV laser treatment to aid tissue repair.

Home rehab

Within five days, Beau regained the ability to stand unaided and urinate without assistance, so was discharged to her owner’s care. Her rehabilitation continued with a home exercise programme developed by the REPAIR team. Beau also visited the Centre weekly for specialised physiotherapy, including exercises on the Centre’s under-water treadmill, to help strengthen her muscles and improve her balance.

Three weeks following her injury, Beau had regained the ability to rise from sitting to standing without any help. Our hospitals’ team of veterinary physiotherapists continued to support and challenge Beau to help her refine her movements and improve her balance, co-ordination, and strength. Because of their expertise, and the dedication of her owners, Beau is now able to walk without assistance.

While still weak and a little wobbly on her back legs, Beau has made a remarkable recovery and the future is looking promising for this young dog.

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