General Practice clients

Fit for life - nurse clinics

As a registered client with the Dick Vet General Practice you have privileged access to many free nursing services.

vet nurse making eye contact with a puppy

These include nutritional advice, healthy weight clinics, preventative health care plans, dental care and puppy/kitten care classes.

With many people leading busy lives, let our team of veterinary nurses support you in optimising your pet’s health and wellbeing to keep your pet Fit For Life.

Here at the Dick Vet we have a team of skilled veterinary nurses who have completed a minimum of 3 years of training to become registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. These dedicated nurses complement our veterinary surgeon team and assist during all aspects of your pet’s care within the hospital for small animals.

Health and Nutrition

Find out more about our Weight Loss Clinc.

Find out more about our Nutrition Advice Service.

A healthy pet is a happy pet and nothing is more important than food, providing fuel and nutrients so that your best friend can grow and enjoy life. Our nurses can provide impartial advice on optimal nutritional requirements at each stage of your pet’s life. With advancements in science there are a variety of prescription veterinary diets which can complement the treatments of specific diseases. Our nurses are able to give advice on an appropriate diet following diagnosis by our veterinary surgeon team.

As you know it is important to keep your pet at a healthy weight, however due to vast breed variations it can be challenging to calculate what this weight should be. With the use of our electronic scales and a specific measuring procedure, our nurses use a computerised protocol to calculate your individual pet’s ideal weight. Keeping to this ideal weight is vital for your pet’s normal development and well-being. Under and over-weight pets are more at risk of developing ill health and disease and a recent study concluded that overweight pets on average have their life shortened by 2 years. Our nursing team are here to provide you with the support and encouragement needed for your pet to reach and maintain its ideal weight.

Puppy Classes 

Having a new puppy or kitten join your family is a very exciting time for both you and your new four-legged friend. Our nurses run a series of short educational sessions covering all aspects of care for your pet including preventative health care plans and why they are important (vaccines, worming control, flea and tick control), nutrition, neutering, behaviour and training, dental care and basic first-aid. If you are a new pet owner or just want to brush up on your skills please join in with these group sessions and meet other like-minded pet lovers.


Preventing dental disease is a task for which your pet is reliant on you for help. Our nurses can advise on products and diets available and can demonstrate how to apply products and how to brush your pet’s teeth.

Post Op Care

If your pet has undergone surgery at the Dick Vet our nurses can examine your pet’s wound in the 2 weeks afterwards to ensure that the wound is healing. The nurse will remove any stitches that have been placed as required.

Nurse and dog on scales
General Health Care

Complimentary to your yearly health check with our veterinary team, our nurses can provide intermittent consultations and provide preventative health care products such as those for worming control and flea and tick control.

Other minor procedures which our qualified nurses carry out and complement your pet’s health care are anal gland expression, grooming and nail clipping. Please note that for these procedures, within the nurse consultation, there will be a fee.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet, getting to know you both and ensuring your pet is Fit For Life.

Nurse consultations are free of charge to clients registered with our Dick Vet Small Animal Practice and are available to book at reception.