General Practice clients


Information for Insured Clients

Claim forms

 In order for us to process your insurance claim as quickly as possible, please:

  • Bring your insurance claim form with you. If you cannot, then post or email it as soon as possible. Further details are below.
  • Ensure all ‘policy holder’ areas are fully completed and signed including the ‘Pay the Vet’ option if applicable.
  • Please let us know if there are any veterinary fee limits or exclusions and any time restrictions that are applicable to your policy.
  • If the claim you have requested to be processed is the first claim for the condition being treated, your veterinary fees excess will be payable at your first consultation.

Your Policy and the Veterinary Fee Allowance

If you have been referred to the HfSA from another vet, then please be aware that fees already incurred, which are relevant to the condition, may count towards your veterinary fee allowance.

It is important to make our clinicians aware of any financial limitations there may be before agreeing to your pet’s treatment, both due to your insurance and your own financial position. Our vets are happy to discuss the diagnostic and treatment options and agree the best plan for your pet taking into account financial boundaries of which they are made aware. 

Declined Insurance

In the unfortunate circumstance that your claim is declined by your insurer, payment is required directly to the Hospital for Small Animals.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask at any time, as we are always happy to help.