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Welcome to the Dick Vet Hospital for Small Animals Clinical Club seminars.

The Dick Vet HfSA Clinical Club runs regularly, with leading experts discussing recent advances in an area of their speciality, which will help inform patient care in the primary care setting

Information on future monthly seminars is set out below, along with information on format and how to join them. 

We hope to see you there!


Welcome to our new 2021 Clinical Club Webinar series which now includes our newly launched Nurses Clinical Club.


The Dick Vet HfSA Clinical Club is currently running as online seminars.  We ask that you book a place and a link will be sent to you prior to the session. 


Dick Vet HfSA Clinical Club CPD

Dick Vet Nurses Clinical Club CPD

4th August

Bronwyn Koterwas - Lecturer and Clinician in Rabbit, Exotic adn Wildlife M&S

"Triaging exotic emergencies"


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25th August

Abbie Roberts, Medicine Nurse - Endoscopy

"From top to bottom"


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1st September 2021

Alisdair Boag - Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine

"Diabetes Management - Not Always Sweetness and Light"


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29th September 

Claire Harrison, Dentistry Nurse

"Getting the best from your practice dentistry service"


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6th October

Tobias Schwarz - Reader in Diagnostic Imaging

"Back to basics:  Thoracic Radiography"


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27th October

Jess Randal , Exotics Nurse

"Basic Skills and considerations for nursing the exotic patient"


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3rd November 2021

Efa Llewellyn - Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care

"Optimising fluid therapy in your practice: Beyond 1x, 2x, 3x maintenance"



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24th November 2021

Caroline Mosley, Lecturer in Veterinary Clinical Skills

"Make education fun for you and the students: creating ideas for small group teaching in practice for vet and nursing students"


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1st December 2021

Geoff Culshaw - Senior Lecturer Veterinary Clinical Services 

"Recent advances in veterinary cardiology"


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8th December 2021 

Emily Gorman, Senior Veterinary Nurse - ICU

"CPR - How to be a life saver!"


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