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To refer an animal to the Farm Animal Teaching Hospital please contact the Farm Animal Practice reception.

Farm Animal Referral Hospital


The Farm Animal Hospital can accept cases from all over the UK.

  • Animals must be fit to transport, and veterinary advice must be sought if there is any doubt about the welfare of cases.
  • All cattle must have a known BVD status, and be accompanied by their passport showing a movement off the farm of origin.
  • Appropriate movement licenses will be required for all other species unless directed otherwise.

Our vets are happy to discuss any case with you and provide a rough investigation plan and likely prognosis prior to referral.

Animals can only be referred to the Farm Animal Hospital  through a registered veterinary practice or surgeon.


Farm Animal Teaching Hospital

A wide range of cases are admitted into the Farm Animal Hospital for teaching purposes.

Primarily these are animals with no economic value to the farm and will not be returned.  An animal collection service is available by prior arrangement.

peer group learning in Farm Animal Hospital

Animals admitted to the FAH will receive appropriate diagnostic work-up and treatment as neccesary.

Our undergraduate veterinary students and Residents are involved with these animals much as possible, whilst always supervised by an academic member of staff. Our aim is to expose our students to a wide range of possible  farm animal clinical cases that they are likely to encounter in practice.

Following appropriate diagnostic procedures, cases may then be necropsied via the Easter Bush Pathology Service. Any clinical findings will be reported back to farmers and referring veterinary surgeons.



Cull Ewe Service

The Farm Animal Teaching Hospital also offers a “cull ewe” service, where farmers may submit 10 cull ewes that are not fit for sale. They will receive appropriate diagnostic testing and necropsy, so that their underlying disease condition(s) can be determined.

Farm Animal Practice 8.30am-5pm

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