Farm Animal Services

Clinical Services

A full range of routine and emergency 24 hour cover services are provided.

Our team of vets can provide a complete first opinion veterinary services for all farm animal and livestock enterprises, including:

  • Herd and Flock Health Planning
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and routine fertility examination
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sick and injured animals
  • Bull and Ram Breeding Soundness Examination
  • Routine management procedures – including disbudding/dehorning, castrations etc
  • Cattle foot trimming - including use of our own foot trimming crush which is suitable for bulls
  • Nutritional advice - including blood sampling for metabolic profiles
  • Worming and Fluke programmes/Faecal egg counts – including reduction tests and resistance testing
    farm Animal pigs
  • Housing assessments and management advice
  • Biosecurity and isolation facility assessment and advice
  • Access to full laboratory services – including disease testing
  • Health Scheme testing and membership advice - including BVD and Johne’s in cattle, and MVV and EAE in sheep
  • Official Veterinarian (OV) work - including TB testing and import/export certification
  • Farmer meetings and regular newsletters on a wide range of topical issues


In addition, we have access to facilities in the Farm Animal Hospital, where clients are able to bring animals in for further diagnostic procedures and treatment.


Specialist services

We are able to provide a wide range of specialist services for our farm clients including:

  • Nutritional advice and metabolic profile blood sampling  through our colleagues at the Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service (DHHPS)
  • Farm level disease control investigations and testing
  • Herd/Flock mobility scoring, lameness control and prevention
  • Mastitis investigations and testing
    Students in a field with sheep in the background
  • Data interpretation and record analysis
  • Post-mortem and infectious disease testing through organisations such as SAC Veterinary Services, APHA or Biobest


Referral services


As well as providing a full range of farm animal veterinary services to farm clients in the South East of Scotland, we are also able to provide referral services to farmers and private veterinary surgeons in Scotland and the North of England.

This work can involve farm visits, as well as individual animals that are referred in to the R(D)SVS Farm Animal Hospital. We can also provide second opinion consultations on insurance cases.