Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service

Frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to some of common questions we recieve. If the information below does not help the please get in touch with us in the office.

What is DHHPS membership

DHHPS membership is our scheme that allows farmers to test 'as often as neccesary' per year on payment of an annual charge (billed quarterly). Obviously there is a fair-usage policy and we reserve the right to charge extra if the number of tests looks like it is becoming excessive. Typically a farm would test thee or four times a year but where appropriate more tests can be done to get to the bottom of a particular issue.

How long with the results take?

We guarantee return of the results and report from one week after they reach us here in the lab. Depending on the time of year you will find that you will get the results back much quicker.

Please bear in mind how you sent the samples before you ring up chasing results - for example, if you send samples by second class post they may take a week to get here.

What blood tubes do I need for a profile?

For a 'one-off' test please send two Green top (lithium heparin) tubes and one grey (FlOx) tube per cow.

For a member test you only need to send one green top tube and one grey tube (unless GSHPx is requested then please send an extra green)

Sheep tests can be done from either one red tube and one green tube from each sheep.

What input sheets do I need to complete?

For a farm who is new to our scheme please submit and sheet 1 and a sheet 3 (sheet 2 is for something else and is not required for blood sampling).

Existing members only need to send a sheet 3

If it is easier please send copies of TMR ration compositions/silage analysis

Where can I get grey topped FlOx vacutainers from?

Some veterinary wholesellers are no longer stocking grey topped vacutainers for glucose analysis. They are still available from other suppliers, see the link above for details.

Where will the invoice be sent for metabolic profile?

As standard for veterinary labs we send all invoices for blood testing to a farms veterinary surgeon. In some cases it is possible to invoice a nutritional advisor.

Can I pay my invoice by BACS?

Yes, you can. Please email us your contact details and we will get our accounts department to send you the details. Remember you must let us know when you have made a payment so that we can collect the money from the University of Edinburgh's central account.

Can I test for extra things?

The DHHPS lab is attached to the vet school clinical lab so many other tests are available in-house. For more unusual tests (T4, Vit B12 etc) we send samples to the VLA in Shrewsbury and pass on charges as they bill us. However we can only run extra analyses in conjunction with one of our standard profiles. Please get in touch with the office to discuss any particular requirements and availability of tests.

Can I pay an invoice by Credit/Debit card

Yes, please call 0131 650 7566

Can I test on a Friday?

Yes, but be aware that our lab is closed over the weeked so samples will not be delivered to until after the weekend. If possible keep them in the Practice fridge over the weekend and send them using overnight delivery on Monday to arrive with us on Tuesday morning.