Equine Veterinary Services

Our clinical services

The Dick Vet Equine Practice provides a comprehensive first opinion service for local horse owners.

A foal and horse walking together and seen from behind. The foal has a pink cast on its front left leg

Ultrasound: Our portable ultrasound machines can provide a quick and easy diagnosis of soft tissue injuries.

Radiography: Our portable digital x-ray system provides clear images of your horse to aid in diagnosing lameness and other problems.

Endoscopy: Our state-of-the-art portable video endoscope allow us to visualize your horse’s upper respiratory area or stomach.

Dentistry: All vets are trained in the use of manual and power dental equipment. These tools allow most dental defects to be corrected on farm.

Reproduction: All aspects of equine reproduction undertaken including artificial insemination using chilled or frozen semen.

Quick referral with reduced fee: If your horse requires specialist attention we can arrange an appointment at the Dick Vet Equine Hospital.

Worming programmes and health plans: We can take the guess work out of managing your horse’s basic care.

All other equine veterinary work: This includes medical and lameness diagnostics and pre-purchase examinations.