Equine Veterinary Services

Area days

Discounted visits on pre-arranged days of the week

We will visit each of these areas one day a week to perform routine, pre-booked appointments at a discounted visit fee of £20. To take advantage of these discounted visits please ensure you contact reception prior to 9am of the working day before the anticipated appointment. For further information please see below:


  • These visits are discounted to £20 per client and are booked with a flexible time. 


  • One set day each week a vet will visit each area to perform routine appointments, which include: 
    • Vaccinations 
    • Dentistry 
    • Microchipping 
    • Passport applications 
    • Initial examinations 
    • Bandage changes 
    • Suture removal 
    • Medication checks 
    • Screening blood samples


  • Examples of appointments we cannot cater for with these discounted visits include: 
    • Wounds 
    • Colics 
    • Lameness 
    • Pre-purchase examinations (vettings) 
    • Emergencies 


  • In certain situations the decision regarding suitability for an ‘area visit’ will be made at the discretion of the vet, so please contact us if you are unsure.


  • To take advantage of these discounted visits you must: 

    • Contact reception prior to 9am of the working day before the appointment (e.g for an area visit on a Thursday you must book in before 9am Wednesday, and for a Monday before 9am Friday). Appointments will be allocated on a first come first served basis: once the day is full, it’s full, so it is advisable to book early. 
    • Be able to be flexible with time – you will be emailed a 1 hour time slot by 5pm of the day before the appointment. 
    • Be willing to see any vet. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a specific vet will attend. 


  •  The days for area visits are: 
    • West – Monday 
    • South West – Tuesday 
    • South East – Thursday 
    • East – Friday


  • If we see five or more horses at one yard on an area day the visit will be free, the same as a standard day.